Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It has been a long weekend.

Mr. Barr graced us with his presence from Thursday night until about half an hour ago. Highlights:

  • Making Jeremy lie in wait behind a couch in Rox's garage to surprise Josh on his 25th birthday.
  • Making lamburgers. Seriously, this might be my new favorite thing-to-grill. Ground lamb, roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, baby spinach, pesto safflower mayo, toasted bun, sweet christ.
  • Josh's birthday party. Followed by: Biking home at 4 in the morning, watching Veronica Mars 6 hours later, waking up my friends and making them go to the triple rock with me for brunch, arguing about season 4 of the oc, learning to love bloody marys, napping in the afternoon and feeling amazing, driving lazy people home.
  • Finding a video game that Jeremy will actually play. No one can resist the allure of wii bowling. It also appears that erin/magnum's reign of terror may have drawn to a close.
  • Spending most of a day sitting/reading/napping/biking at Lake of the Isles, taking the occasional pull from Nalgene bottles filled with floating limes.
  • Making two pans (one vegetarian, one awesome) of tator tot hotdish. I seldom feel so Minnesotan or domestic.
  • Having several shoulders to cry on while watching the last episode of Veronica Mars ever.
  • Getting everyone together for beer lunch at Lyle's and using laundry quarters to buy novelty items "imported from the orient!" from the bathroom vending machine.
  • The impromptu deck party at Josh, Erin, and Emily's. Sometimes spontaneous, unplanned parties are the best. I wasn't planned, and look how I turned out!
  • Convincing Jeremy to stay an extra day.
  • Emily coining the phrase "death pants" to describe how she felt in the morning.
  • Making top 3 lists with Jeremy over breakfast at the CC Club. Top 3 breakfasts in the Twin Cities: Country Benedict from the CC Club, Crab Cake Benedict from the Highland Grill, and of course the Mother Trucker from Triple Rock (with tator tots substituted for home fries).
  • Receiving a several paragraph long e-mail from Matt about the Golden Girls - "no woman should be that tall - she's a giantess."
  • Biking. This has become one of the most rewarding elements of my life right now. I somehow even enjoyed getting caught in a torrential downpour with Jeremy and Rox on the ride back from downtown Saint Paul.
  • Finally getting around to updating my blog.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Here's the latest one hour video project that Jeremy and I did together. As usual, Jeremy's song is awesome. For me, this video was an exercise in letting go. It isn't perfect, but perfection isn't the point. I'm not sure what the point is, but I think it originally had something to do with having fun, experimenting, and avoiding getting addicted to brain crack.

I have to give a special thanks to Emily for being the best photographer ever.